One to One

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What the sessions entail...

Your first One to One session at Equilibrium, involves a lifestyle analysis, so that we can identify any areas that are impacting on your over all health.We  also discuss any injuries or musculoskeletal issues at this point.

We then move on to a postural analysis, where I will carry out a detailed assessment of your body-how you stand, sit & move. By the end of this section I will have a good idea of weak and tight muscles & what areas we need to address in your programme.

Then we begin to move.I will give you some exercises to take away & practice at the end of the first session.I will then design a programme for you. I work in blocks of six, after six sessions we will re-assess & establish whether we are advancing towards your goals.

Depending on the goals you have set, sessions may involve cardio work, toning & strengthening, motor skills or flexibility. I use a variety of equipment to enhance & develop the exercises, these may include; hand weights, weighted balls, stability balls, dyna-bands, magic circles, Swiss balls, etc.

However, my main focus will always be on developing a strong & stable core, thus allowing your everyday movement to be fluid & pain free.


“Suzy's care and attention to detail is second to none”


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