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Pilates Classes

The Pilates classes at Equilibrium are suitable for between two & five people.Similarly to the 1 to 1 sessions, they are taught in blocks of six. 

I teach beginners sessions in which we establish functional breathing and core engagement.We also address pelvic & scapular stability.Once these essential foundations are in place, we move on to layering in the exercises.We address areas of difficulty as we progress & aim to develop fluid spinal movement.I do this by stabilising & strengthening weak areas,whilst stretching & releasing tight areas.

Here at Equilibrium I also teach classes at Level 1-2. These are for those who have a thorough grounding in Pilates, either by attending a Beginners block at Equilibrium or having attended at least ten sessions elsewhere.These classes will give participants a chance to build on essential exercises whilst challenging their powerhouse,& strengthening technique.

This Autumn, Equilibrium will be offering Pilates classes for the older adult.In these classes there will be an opportunity to address the musculoskeletal implications of ageing, as well as working on the usual areas of core, strength, tone and control.

Im also working on developing men only classes. Please email me for more information.


“I've got back mobility I thought I'd lost forever”


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